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When it's getting cold, there's no better way to keep warm to wear fur clothing. However, because the call of protecting animals, designers are advocated to reduce using animal fur but faux fur. In fact, faux fur is better than animal fur from the point of fashion. Faux fur has more colors to appeal our vision. Just wish we can cherish present environment and save animals.

Fur clothing is much warm than fake fur. That's why lots of people want to own one real-fur piece. Whatever we want, we may do our best to reduce real-fur to make sure the balanced nature.

Fur is not only used in coats, but also tops, scarves, bags, shoes, head-to-toe style. Flurry sometimes makes women ladies sexy, and lovely.

An-diugh tha sinn a 'sealltainn cuid de bhianna faux sa mhòr-chuid.

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Mar as trice bidh còta cnagagach uabhasach mòr, a 'giùlan thu. Faodar a bhith air a mhaidseadh le aon lèine-t, mullaich tana. Agus measgachadh e le innealan sìmplidh. Mar sin faodaidh e a bhith freagarrach dha gach neach. Nuair a bhios e a-muigh, dh'fhaodadh gum bi e na fhrith-rathad. Tha sin fìor dha-rìribh. Dèan cinnteach nach eil am bian ro fhada airson coimhead cho beag. Seo cleasan fradharcach sràide.

  • Seacaid spòrs faux + aodach jeans + lèine geal + Acc
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  • Blush pink fluffy coat + yellow tee + jeans + Acc
  • Coat fiodha bàn pinc
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  • Seacaid bian uaine + seudan dubha dubh + poca dubh
  • Còta liath + glùine geal jeans + sneakers + sunglasses
  • Èideadh soilleir buidhe le sàilean àrd dubh
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  • BFF a 'coimeas stoidhle fionn
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  • Coat Fur Dearg
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  • Jackets Bomber Faux Fur

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  • (Kendall Jenner) Caramel short fur coat + short tops + white skinny jeans + zip-up sock boots
  • White Faux Fur Vest + striped turtleneck+ hunter boots + Acc

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There is another great choice wearing a fur scarf this season as it can also make you look fashion and keep you warm. Just get a simple color or pattern dress, a collarless or big lapel coat then matching our faux fur scarf.
Since a scarf draw much attention to our hair and face, so we have to make sure face is colored beautifully and hair is clean and stylish.

  • Bratach Rìoghail Scouts
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Of course, if you don't want to wear fur, just try it to your bags, shoes, phone cases, even interior decoration. Pom poms are a trend soon. With these details, you can also enjoy the fluffy felling. They add warmth and luxury to everywhere.

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